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The Abyssal Tarot Deck

The Abyssal Tarot Deck
The Abyssal Tarot is a unique, limited edition, art tarot deck that features the underwater photography of artist Shelly Corbett.

Review by The Esoteric Elephant:

"Recently, I was lucky enough to acquire a Limited Edition Tarot deck called; “Abyssal Tarot”. The Abyssal Tarot deck is a collection of extremely sensual and very unique, underwater art photography by Shelly Corbett. Over a decade of her work is cataloged and showcased in this deck of 78 stunningly gorgeous Tarot cards. The images are loosely aligned with the Rider-Waite tradition, but the lack of traditional symbolism on the cards, allows for a very intuitive reading to come through. The abyss of the water allows one to reach new psychic depths and pull from unconscious sensations. I immediately fell in love with these cards when I discovered them online. However, I am certain I heard angels sing when these cards arrived and I was able to submerse myself in contemplation, and plunge into impressions coming from the individual images!

Shelly’s photography has a very intuitive, mystical quality, only made possible by one whose work was divinely inspired. The images on each card vary from romantic, sultry, seductive, and passionate, to extremely erotic in nature. The figures all float in beautiful, iridescent rays of light. The models are caught in blurred ebb and flow while they drift through the abyss. The images, weightless and dreamy, have figures interrupted only momentarily by a shutter of light. They are suspended in time, and then glide back through the dark void. The emotion shown by the figures run from anger, love, fear, lust, innocence, pain, sadness, to just about every other human feeling that can be expressed.

The colors on these extraordinary cards are brilliant and radiant. Vibrant reds, blues, greens, and yellows jump out from each card. Only the Four of Wands was left as a striking black and white image. The Three of cups, comfortably relaxed with her beautiful victory bouquet, is probably my personal favorite, but I also love the Queen of Cups, The Empress, The Wheel of Fortune, The High Priestess, The Magician, The Star, and….

This deck is a 1000 copy, Limited Edition Publication. The decks are numbered and individually signed by both Shelly Corbett and Stephen Ahlbom. I learned that there were numerous obstacles in the publication of these evocative cards, created several years ago, but the eventual publisher produced a high quality book and box. The cards themselves are a large-sized 3.25 x 5.50 inches, however; they are on a rather thin and flexible cardstock, similar to those of Lo Scarabeo, so the larger size makes them less sturdy than others on the market today. The two-piece box is made from a lovely, thick glossy card stock, and shows an image of the terrifyingly beautiful Tower card on the front. The companion booklet, written by Stephen Ahlbom, is a glossy full-color 32 page guide showing each card with a brief description and broad interpretation of meaning.

Because of the lack of traditional images common to most Rider-Waite decks, this is probably a deck to be used by intermediate and experienced readers for meditation or divination. Also, due to the various erotic images on some cards, it is probably not a deck most would want to use for the majority of clients.

It is the unique art photography that sets this Limited Edition Deck apart as a special collector’s deck. At a mere $1.00 an image, I think this deck is a fantastic bargain!!!"